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We started Vênoor because we wanted to create Funiture With Meaning. Vênoor Living began with the idea of creating a community that was entirely sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally accountable; as a lifestyle with beautifully hand-crafted furniture as our vehicle. As such, our products are more than just pieces of furniture, they are a tangible component of a sustainable process.

In the wake of fast-fashion and mass production, we have taken it upon ourselves to challenge the nature of consumerism, slow things down and give customers the option to make a real lifestyle choice when purchasing our products. Vênoor Living unites the spheres of sustainability and aesthetics to create exquisitely designed furniture with sustainable origins.

Throughout our travels, we were fortunate to have met some of the most amazing, talented individuals with families of master craftsmen, spanning generations as well as some incredible designers of both furniture and interiors alike. It is a pleasure and an honour to communicate ideas and work with some of these legendary families. We are fortunate to have been connected to this network of craftsmen, designers who quite literally have dedicated their lives to creating beautiful furniture. From masons who ‘feel’ the stones to make sure they cut the perfect slabs, to our carpenters come from a bloodline rich of masters, who impart over 300 years of experience into every product and pride themselves on making something that will last that long; to create products that are passed down generation to generation, much like the trade that built it.

We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our products. With unique, stylish designs, our products are for those seeking exclusive, luxurious furniture that is fairly priced and lovingly made. We are passionate about furniture and those who help us create it! As such, we are involved every step of the way, from the design to the production, to ensure that you buy a responsibly sourced, high quality creation. Each piece of furniture has a story and these stories help to introduce a little bit of individuality into your home.

It’s our sustainable process and fantastic materials that really brings each of Vênoor Living’s collections to life. We have developed a sustainable eco-system in which we create our furniture. Part of this process involves the re-planting of materials sourced and providing good, honest and fair work for those involved. We want you to know, by choosing to buy our products, you automatically contribute to a better future for so many people that are involved in creating our furniture.

The social responsibility associated with our work is invaluable to our company and to the local communities who contribute to our special creations. Due to this intimate involvement, we can communicate with you the incredible journey your furniture has come on to make it all the way into your home. We aspire to be considerate, interactive and dynamic; we want you, the customer, to share your ideas to keep helping us create collections that are individual and relevant.

Come and join the responsible living community.
Live beautifully, live responsibly!