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Our Story

Our story starts in the village of Venur. This small village outside Mangalore off the South-West coast of India is where Vênoor Living begins.

My Grandfather, owned a piece of land in this lush, verdant farming community. I would often spend time there throughout my youth and learned much watching him and helping him toil away at the land.

In seeing the reciprocal relationship between my Grandfather and the earth year after year, seeing the hard work he put in every day, but also the fruit that came from all of that work. With love and respect for the soil, my grandfather took a handful of seeds and spread it into bountiful harvests of luscious fruits and spices. I learned from a very young age that you’ve got to get your hands dirty.

I learned, first hand about the life cycle of a plants and how with the right amount of care and nurturing something so small can fill us with life.

I also learned, that sadly, many rural areas in India and other parts of world have aren’t as capable. Places like Rajasthan where the inconsistent climate has ravished once fertile land. The impact on the people living in these environments is devastating.

This is where we start. What better way to impact the homes of people all over the world than giving living monuments to the battle against globalisation. We decided to create well-designed sustainable furniture with minimal cost to our environment, whilst helping communities in need survive and thrive through improving their local environment and providing livelihood opportunities.

That is why with every order we process, we will plant a tree at our regeneration project in rural India; so that we replace the natural resource that we have used, and in planting new trees pumping more oxygen into parts of the world that need it most.

Our initiative also provides continuing education and resources as well as sustainable income opportunities to these local farmers. You can read more about our re-planting project here.

On our journey so far we have been hugely privileged to work with amazing craftsmen and women from the rural communities we support. Learning from them and their knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

As well as supporting this rich artisan heritage, we also work with modern factories using innovative processes, materials, and techniques to make our furniture as sustainable and sophisticated as possible.

Vênoor Living is not about mass-produced style over substance. We want you to be able to sit comfortably, safe in the knowledge that our furniture is made to last, and made with environmentally considerate and sustainable resources.

Value for money is important to us and we believe that peace of mind is worth every penny! You can read more about our sustainable approach here.

Understanding our purpose for existence, is very much driving force behind our passion - achieving a sustainable lifestyle

My Grandfather very much led by example and left a legacy behind, in terms of his love for the earth, and the values he lived by. With a renewed purpose, we ventured out to pursue our own legacy by launching Vênoor Living, where we believe in the concept “Live Beautifully, Live Responsibly”.

I have a great team behind me now and am very proud to say that from that small seed Vênoor Living is growing.  The 500 trees planted so far in the Thar Desert are flourishing and we are cultivating a wonderful community of customers. But we have a long way to go and big ambitions to achieve but slowly, together, we will get there - surely!

Live beautifully, live responsibly!