How we work

Beautifully designed furniture, responsibly made

Our philosophy is to always challenge the furniture industry norms. We control our manufacturing process to offer value for money with the best possible product made in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


At Vênoor Living, we develop and produce original designs. Our designers ensure that each piece is functional, comfortable and stylish, as well as sourced with sustainable resources. Every detail is considered to create a story from each product that is worthy of sharing.

Our sustainable design model

From the design floor to your door, we oversee the entire process to reduce waste. Each product is designed efficiently to make sure that each finished product contains the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact.

In the design process, we use key crafting techniques and quality natural resources to ensure a piece's longevity and reusability.

Artisan craftsmanship

On our journey so far, we have been hugely privileged to work with amazing craftsmen and women from the rural communities we support. We work in a collaborative approach, which allows us to learn from them and share knowledge, which has been passed down through generations.

As well as supporting this rich artisan heritage, we also work with modern factories using innovative processes, materials, and techniques to make our furniture as sustainable and sophisticated as possible.

Community support

We have established long-term relationships in all the communities we work in. As Vênoor Living grows so does the support we can offer these people. Through trading fairly with these artisans we are able to create more sustainable employment and continue to provide them with new opportunities for the future.

A story worth telling

Each piece of Vênoor Living furniture is the tangible product of our sustainable process and tells the story of generations of dedicated craftsmen. We create beautiful furniture using quality materials that you will love to live with and that, we hope, will become part of your story too.