sustainable furniture


Live beautifully, live sustainably

We create well-designed sustainable furniture with minimal cost to our environment, whilst helping communities in need to survive and thrive through improving their local environment and providing livelihood opportunities.

Ethically made

We use carefully selected workshops to make our designs and ensure that all employees are cared for. We have studied ethical practices and health and safety, ensuring that all employees are paid a living wage and given opportunities to progress.

Fair trade with our suppliers is not just a responsibility, it is part of our core values. It is our duty to ensure that we can exceed all of the ‘Base Standards’ set in place by the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Sourcing sustainable timber

All of the wood that we use in our furniture is certified by the appropriate local governing bodies. These governing bodies of responsible wood procurement, FSC, and Vriksh are paramount in preserving our forests and maintaining healthy tree populations across the world.


We ensure all the materials in our solid wood furniture are used as efficiently as possible. Whether the offcuts are used for support pieces in the workshop, or to heat the boilers that season the wood, there is little waste.

In the packaging process, we are actively pursuing methods of reducing our environmental impact. We use recyclable boxes and paper for our products and housing for internal components and instructions. We also offer a recycling program on delivery, where the item will be unpacked and the waste returned to use to be re-used again.

Reforestation projects

With every order we process, we plant a tree at our regeneration project in rural India; so that we replace the natural resource that we have used, and in planting new trees pumping more oxygen into parts of the world that need it most.

Our initiative also provides continuing education and resources as well as sustainable income opportunities to these local farmers.





All the trees we plant are local species and we have engineered them to survive some of the harshest growing conditions. This is through using ‘pioneer’ species, to ensure each tree we plant thrives and survives.


One such area where we focus on planting our ‘pioneer species’ is the Rajasthan Thar Desert, where the Mangrove Forests have been devastated, leaving locals with infertile farmland and inefficient ecosystems to deal with growth.


Each Vênoor Living product purchased impacts the future through our re-planting scheme with most of our trees living for 20-30 years. 


We will email you a certificate of the tree planted and its GPS locations so you can track its growth! Our social media feeds and newsletters can also give you update on our developments abroad.


Ultimately, our aim is to connect you with the process that has created your wonderful product. In time, we hope you can become part of our responsible, sustainable community through shopping and interacting with Vênoor Living.