Hand Woven Rugs

Rugs have a long history in the world of interior design. Beautiful, functional and imbued with hundreds of years of culture, rugs are the perfect way to breathe life and style into a room. A handwoven wool rug is an investment piece and it can be hard to be discerning when presented with so many options. We at Vênoor Living have come up with an informative guide to different rug types and intricacies of their design.

Hand woven wool rug - purple armchair and wooden floor

Types of Rugs

Whilst being a design accent, many forget the primary function of a rug is to provide warmth and comfort underfoot in the home. As such, throughout history rugs have made using a wealth of different materials to create varying results for different types of home. Wool, silk and cotton are all common materials used in rug making. New Zealand and South Korean wools are particularly popular due to their shine, strength and suppleness when handled. A modern addition to rug making, Bamboo Silk is often combined with wool to provide an extra shimmer within the blend of the rug. Bamboo silk is popular in hand-knotted rugs as it gives the illusion of silk, whilst being much more economical. Combinations of silk, wool and cotton create durable designs that are soft underfoot and have depth and texture.

Hand woven wool rugs - purple chair

Hemp is another popular material in the sphere of rug making and is often used in flat woven rugs. Soft and full of rich texture, hemp is perfect for creating a Scandinavian style or natural rugs. Hemp’s tactile properties make this a perfect material to be used in intricate weaving and braided of rugs. Hemp is also popular with those wanting to create eco-friendly and low maintenance designs as it requires little cleaning or aftercare.

At Vênoor Living, we stock a mixture of flat weave and hand-knotted rugs made with a variety of materials including wool, silk, cotton and hemp. Both of these rug types are the result of an intricate construction process. Flat-weave and knotted rugs refer to the way in which the rug is woven on the ‘warp’. The warp is the foundation for every rug and consists of strings (usually made of white cotton) that run the length of the rug.

The first step of rug making is setting the warp up a ‘loom’ - the warp is strung up in parallel lines and pulled very taut. Once the warp is set up, the rug maker begins to fill in the rug with ‘weft’, the thread which is woven in and out of the warp. Rugs that are solely woven with warp and weft are of the flat-weave variety. Flat-weave rugs do not have a ‘pile’ so are smooth underfoot, like our Chevron rug.

hand woven wool rugs - armchair

One advantage of the flat weave style is that the design is exactly the same on both sides of the rug, meaning it can be rotated throughout its use. Flat weave rugs are also much lighter than hand-knotted rugs and therefore perfect for use in entertaining spaces where they can be easily lifted, shaken and cleaned after use!

Hand-knotted rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are created using a very different process to flat weaving. Hand-knotted rugs require immense skill as the weaver must individually tie every knot in the rug onto the warp. The number of knots and length of each strand can alter the density of the rug. Usually, for intricate designs, such as oriental rugs, the weaver will start with a ‘cartoon’ which is a drawing of the design which they can lead from. Each is knot is looped across two adjacent warp threads and then cut to create the ‘pile’ which is the surface of the rug. Rugs such as ‘shag pile rugs’ have very long strands at the end of the knot which creates a fluffy, shaggy texture underfoot.

Typically the more knots per square inch the better and higher quality of the rug is. Due to this laborious process, hand-knotted rugs have become associated with luxury in contemporary interiors and they often serve as a focal point within a room A. hand-knotted rug with a lush cut pile is perfect for areas such as the bedroom where you will commonly be walking bare-foot. Additionally, the opulence and texture of a hand-knotted rug also serves well as a statement for any contemporary living room – our Moroccan Silver rug is the perfect example of this.

Are you inspired by the art of rug making? The Vênoor Living collection has a wide variety of contemporary style rugs created through these amazing processes. Take a look at our rug collection today: www.venoor.com/accessories