How it works:

As well as creating stunning furniture, we at Vênoor Living also have an incredible impact on the local communities we work. From each piece of Vênoor Living furniture, a new life is born through our amazing tree planting system! Here’s a little bit more about our ground-breaking work...


Firstly, all the trees we plant are local species and we have engineered them to survive some of the harshest growing conditions. Through using ‘pioneer’ species we ensure each tree planted thrives and survives. Importantly, we plant trees in areas that have the greatest need, particularly those affected by deforestation and destruction. Our ‘pioneer species’ are planted in areas such as the Rajasthan Thar Desert, where the Mangrove Forests have been devastated. This devastation has left locals with infertile farmland and inefficient eco-systems to deal with growth.

Additionally, we work in areas of India affected by flooding as a result of deforestation. Flooding has resulted in a severe lack of farmland and we have been working to resolve this through our resilient species of tree and avid planting. Our aim is to help revitalize these areas through Vênoor Living’s tree planting initiative. We know this is no easy task, but our efficient system and expert local workers help make our sustainable vision and ever-growing reality.

We hope that our sustainable approach will help educate our customers as well as providing them with beautiful, authentically made furniture. The impact of our re-planting scheme will likely outlast any Vênoor Living product purchased; with some of our trees living for 20-30 years. This means your piece of furniture becomes part of a wonderful sustainable legacy.

Furthermore, so you are kept up-to-date with how your purchase is changing communities, we will email you a certificate of the tree planted and its GPS locations so you can track its growth! Our social media feeds and newsletters can also give you update on our developments abroad. We are even developing the technology so you can track your tree using your certificate code!

Ultimately, our aim is to connect you with the process that has created your wonderful product. In time, we hope you can become part of our responsible, sustainable community through shopping and interacting with Vênoor Living.

Vênoor Living, Live Beautiful, Live Responsibly!